Vacation Rental Summit All Stars, Seattle WA


There's so much to say about the Vacation Rental Summit 2016 in Seattle hosted by Homeaway. But let's just get right down to it. Here are some companies who really stood out in the crowd. 

"Lack of Time is a Lack of Priorities" - Tim Ferriss 

(Take 5 minutes to school yourself on the advantages of using these VR services) I had the pleasure of meeting Alanna Schroeder, an innovative woman that knows how to make a bed. If your intention is to provide great service at a high quality that wont break the budget, check out . She has an upcoming workshop is Mexico where she will be showing a group of enthusiastic VR Owners how to stage there home for rental success. (check it out)


VRM's Choice for 2016 Summit All Star Represented at this event by Gerard Lester and Larissa Pederson. I was really impressed by their business model. There are so many Rental Management companies out there but the guarantee's they offer owners is very unique.  They have managed to place physical teams on the ground throughout there rentals world wide. They are not everywhere yet but keep your eye on this VR company. - One of those inventions that will have your saying why didn't I think of that. It's basically a noise monitor that allows you to set the sensitivity. You will be able to call your guests before the Neighboor calls in a noise complaint. And in a world where it seems like Vacation Rental fines are becoming more costly, a $150 investment is well worth it!

Saving the most impressive for Last:

My first recommendation when entering the Vacation Rental Market would be pictures. Then all the research on how to delight a guest .

A photographer by heart and possibly my new best Friend. Her page will tell you more about company than I can. Even her coffer consumption.